Successful forex traders in kenya

Opportunities to make money online abound and Forex trading is one of them. Having received quite a number of inquiries about Forex trading partly because I once traded Forex I decided to chat up one of my FB friends, Ken Githaiga. He successful forex traders in kenya very knowledgeable about Forex and he successful forex traders in kenya kind enough to allow me to interview him.

He shares his perspectives in this blog post. Thank you very much for inviting me here. I started Forex in December At that time I had just left college successful forex traders in kenya was successful forex traders in kenya for an opportunity to make money, but I was not really interested in an office job. I got all online money making ideas and I read almost everything I could come across on the topic: What really attracted me to it is that I would not need to spend lots of time on the computer, like it is the case with other online jobs.

Another thing is that I love working with numbers, probabilities, charts and that kind of stuff, so when I saw about Forex, I knew from the start it was the kind of job for me. I learned how to trade mostly by reading articles online on forexfactory. Trading and working online in general has given me a lot of freedom to live life on my own terms. I have the freedom to move to any part of the world, without having to worry about my job. I also have the freedom to choose when to work, how to work, whom to work with, and also the freedom to choose what to wear.

First of all, Forex does not take much of my time. I look at the charts for 5 minutes at successful forex traders in kenya am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and 11pm. I am also an Introducing broker for Hotforex.

I usually wake up at 6. One who keeps low draw-downs and has full confidence in his trading system in a way that he can have TEN or even TWENTY losses in a row and still continue using the same strategy, which eventually makes him a nice profit.

I use only one indicator The exponential moving average with candlesticks on the four hour chart. Forex itself is not risky. A trader who uses a 1: Hopping from one system to another only brings losses and frustration.

She should ignore all the internet noise about traders and marketers who have strategies that make millions overnight. Jane Doe should focus only on her Forex education.

The good news is, you cannot be a beginner forever. However, in my opinion, a seasoned trader who has a proven strategy that is making consistent profits can take a loan. Starting out straight with a live account has its advantages, like overcoming the fear of monitoring a live account, but I feel like it causes more harm than good. The flexible schedule that Forex trading provides gave me quite some free time, some of which I use to teach people my trading methods. It gives me great joy to see other people — especially fellow Kenyans — successful forex traders in kenya profits from the market.

I really hope you enjoyed that. Currency Trading for Dummies. If you want to find out more about Forex trading, before investing your hard earned money, then this book is for you. Simply set up an Amazon account online, save a credit card to the account and purchase the book. If you have a Kindle reader, great.

So, did you like this post? Please feel free to comment below. Remember, sharing is caring. This is a very encouraging article to fellow Kenyans who want to make money online through Forex Trading.

However, you did not capture the lowest successful forex traders in kenya a person can invest in the business, Sheeroh. Am happy to meet you here, perhaps my hope will be awakened by you. Have just read the article.

Already have a forex account introduced by a friend. But will require training. Also i think for any forex trader it is almost important to find your own way and that way you are very likely to succeed in your trading career.

I love the article…. Just got of campus and looking 4ward to venturing in this field as a profession. Thanks soo much to the concerned parties in a availing the info. Yours such a blessing. Ken is a great tutor by the way. He taught me about forex. Happy to hear that Izzy. You definitely need a competent and patient tutor when successful forex traders in kenya comes to Forex Trading. Good information ms kiarie I rem time back somebody introduced the idea but due my work schedule I dint get enough time.

I should talk to ken now that am a bit free. This is interesting stuff. The desire to be an online entrepreneur will make me look into this and read available material on the subject. Reading about a fellow Kenyan who is making it online is encouraging and easier to relate with. Thanks for organizing this interview.

Forex is a very interesting business. Feel free to get in touch with Ken too! This is a great and informative article. Keep up the good work.

I must train in this also. There is no limit in how much we can learn. Keep us posted on such good stuff anytime you come across them. I would like guidance and training on how I can venture to Online Forex Trading. Can you offer the much needed assistance? Thank you Sheerow for featuring me on your blog. I love this article. This is encouraging info. Thanks for the good work. Young but you are teaching me great things. I thought it had ended at Raibow Resort but alas! You have greater successful forex traders in kenya mama.

I have always admired Forex work. Thanks so much Sheeroh, God bless you. I have been interested in forex trading successful forex traders in kenya a looooong time. Let me look for the book recommended and read. I have been doing academic writing for sometime but i want some more avenues of making money online. How much does one need to commence, and how do i get training, azn connect with the professionals.

You can see his email right up there. Quite informative i must admit. As i expand my online working territories, successful forex traders in kenya will for sure come back to this article for me insights. Thank Ken for being bold and sharing. Thanks Sheeroh, great stuff. I was interested a few years ago but shied away because of all the negative things people say about forex trading.

Reading from Ken has shed some light and dispelled the fear of doing this business. In everything, when you become over ambitious then you successful forex traders in kenya putting yourself at risk. It happens even in to successful forex traders in kenya average online worker doing article writing, transcription etc. Successful forex traders in kenya this is good successful forex traders in kenya.

Forex should be taken as a business whereby you add on capital as you progress turnover will be high when you are seasoned with good fat account that way you can increase your leverage gradually. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

First off, how and when did you get started in Forex trading and what attracted you to it? How did you learn how to trade? Did anyone teach you how to go about it or were you for the most part self-taught?

How has trading changed your life and what have you learned about being a Forex trader?

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