How to trade on etoro

The company does not disclose any information about daily trading volume, but according to a Spanish newspaper billion USD were traded during This is what you get if you come from the USA. Creating a new account is fairly easy, it takes no more than a minute filling some personal information name, last name, email and phone number, along with a user and password combination in a form and clicking an email confirmation.

Withdrawing requires identity verification. On the other hand, there is a virtual portfolio demo mode which allows newcomers to get familiar with the site and the trading process without risking a dime.

No separate account is required, the feature is integrated with the site and activating it is as simple as giving a few clicks.

The site offers a how to trade on etoro variety of deposit options credit cards, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Yandex, UnionPay, wire transfers and promotional codesbut unfortunately cryptocurrencies are not one.

Limits depend on each particular deposit method and on the credit history of the user. A conversion fee will be deducted both when depositing and withdrawing with currencies different to the USD, the conversion will be carried out applying updated exchange rates.

Additional fees are applied when trading and withdrawing. Placing orders does not incur in any fee, but overnight commissions are charged described in detail here. Withdrawing comes with a fixed-fee of 5, 10 or 25 USD depending on the amount. There are no fees for the account itself, but believe it or not, there how to trade on etoro an abusive 5-USD monthly fee for inactivity defined as 4 or 12 how to trade on etoro without logging in for non-depositing and depositing accounts, respectively.

In order to remove the USD trading restriction, identity must be certified in 5 manners: Etoro broker offers many different investing options, including currencies, commodities, indices and stocks.

Two cryptocurrencies are available how to trade on etoro speculate: Bitcoin and Ethereum, with no actual purchasing taking place so, eToro does not own any cold or hot wallets. To place an order, first go to the market section and search for the asset you want to trade.

Select one to watch its behavior or directly click buy or sell to negotiate it. A nice feature to observe for an asset are the charts, which are highly customizable and interactive. Candlesticks are shown by default, but more options are available through the configurations. Once you have chosen one to trade, a popup will appear asking to configure some parameters before opening the order: In case of BTC leverage right now is only 1x, so there is none.

Orders can be edited or closed at any time, from the portfolio tab. This is accessible clicking on the dented wheel icon to how to trade on etoro left of every market for which personal open orders exist.

The leverage for the other assets depends on each particular asset with a minimum transaction after leverage of 1, USD. The supported leverages are 1: It enables most of the features of the website to mobile users; a detailed explanation is found here.

The traffic directed to eToro is filtered by Incapsula which forwards valid requests and takes out spam, the headers are left unaltered in order to ensure source IP address visibility. The how to trade on etoro currently does not offer any sort of 2-step how to trade on etoro authenticate, lacking popular implementations like 2FA and SMS confirmation.

Email alerts are available for withdrawals, market monitoring and social interactions. The platform has consistently been attacked DDoS ; the last incident took place in April with no major consequences. During the early days of the website an information leak was discovered through an easily accessible old database, the company did nothing until the information was publicly released, regardless of the people who found the vulnerability having reached them first in private.

It takes some time to get used to the platform, but once familiarized with it, is easy to navigate. The social experience is well integrated, with interactions and social trading being a seamless part of the website. The site also shows that it cares about its customers with tutorials, live training phoneeconomic tools and a comprehensive FAQ.

Reaching out customer support is relatively easy and the agents are very professional and friendly. Live chat is offered through Zendesk, but an online contact form may be alternatively used. Response times in chat are unmatchable, having to wait less than a how to trade on etoro seconds to get an answer even for the first message. This site is great for those looking to profit from the market without the additional hassle of hiring a broker.

Current Top Broker Deals: CFD trading no actual crypto purchase. Overnight fees possible; Withdrawal fees: Limit order, market order, stop order, trail order. Worldwide, but unavailable for US citizens. Social trading seamlessly integrated World-class customer support Wide range of markets Cons: No cryptocurrency deposits Only two crypto-markets: