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Representing the blueprints of the artists dwellings over the last 40 years, the work Domiciles fixes II. Unlike the artists usual strategies of identifying himself with the figures of his ancestors through the appropriation of their initials, textual references and found objects, or seeking his own legacy-ridden position by emptying himself, with the gesture of unconditional absorption and re-enactment; the sculpture is a poetic expression of the privacy of introversion.

This work brings forty years of time into dialogue with the forty years of untitled (t-shirt), expanding the scale of a human life into yet again biblical proportions with its numerological reference, while playing with the complementary quality of notions such as own-life and father-figure. Based on allusions to the sick (body) and to text (corpus), untitled (books) also operates with this complex referential language: both sculptures are perceivable as delicate tropes of presence and absence.

The elemental experience of grief and remembrance renders the latest artistic representations of the artists family history and quest for identity mournfully timely, while the fresh experience finds an outlet for representation within the consistent aesthetic universe of the artists oeuvre.