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Deciding on a business name Registering a business name To create the right image for your business and distinguish yourself from your competitors, you will need to ensure you register a business name. Legal name Business or trading name Do I need to register? You might want to consider: What image do you want to communicate to clients? Is your proposed name easy to remember, pronounce and spell? Is any other business already using the name?

Is the proposed name available to be registered as a domain name for operating or promoting your business online? Is the name available on social media channels you plan to use now or in the future? Before registering a business name, you should undertake the following checks: See if the name is identical or similar to a registered trademark, by using the IP Australia Trade mark Check If you would like to register a domain name in addition to your business name, make sure the domain name you want is available at Domain Administration — AUDA.

Also check its availability for social media platforms you may plan to use. Search for any licences you may need to use a name or undertake a particular type of business in WA. Registering a business name will not: More information Find out more about business structures Learn more about trademarks Identify any licences or permits you will need to operate your business. Starting your business 8 steps to starting Are you ready? Business planning Business names Buying a business Buying a franchise Evaluating a franchise.

Workshops Digital Marketing Advanced. How to Write a Business Plan. Building your Knowledge - Things you have to do to start your business. Home Privacy Disclaimer Copyright. Generally, a DBA must be registered with a local or state government, or both, depending on the jurisdiction. For example, California, Texas and Virginia require a DBA to be registered with each county or independent city in the case of Virginia where the owner does business.

Maryland and Colorado have DBAs registered with a state agency. And Virginia requires corporations and LLCs to file a copy of their registration with the county or city to also be registered with the State Corporation Commission. DBA statements are often used in conjunction with a franchise. The franchisee will have a legal name under which it may sue and be sued, but will conduct business under the franchiser's brand name which the public would recognize.

A typical real-world example can be found in a well-known pricing mistake case, Donovan v. In California , filing a DBA statement also requires that a notice of the fictitious name be published in local newspapers for some set period of time to inform the public of the owner's intent to operate under an assumed name.

The intention of the law is to protect the public from fraud, by compelling the business owner to first file or register his fictitious business name with the county clerk, and then making a further public record of it by publishing it in a newspaper.

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