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Its application expanded to the entire space creates a complex sensual experience out of a simple optical phenomenon. As the various objects and degrees of perception also become manifest, visitors, after perceiving light, colour and space, also access such higher domains of perception as proportions, balance, and, finally, from a conjunction of these, transcendence. The increasingly brightly lit, connected booths of colour represent various stages of spiritual experience, leading to an altar-like, closed space, thus transfiguring the exhibition space, quite literally, into sacred space.

In the case of Erik Matrai, however, the balance between the intellectual concepts of being and nonbeing, of the sacred and the profane, are born not of mystical immateriality, but of the comprehensible, graspable and simple use of materials (polystyrene, linoleum, paint) in the name of everyday transcendence.

In the displayed silkscreen prints, viewers encounter the characteristic shapes and compositions known from Imre Bak's paintings, along with their variations, offering insight into a number of subsequent periods from the artist's body of work.