Binary options plus 500 questions

Here are some examples from a demo account on the Plus platform. For opening a euro short position, you only need EUR 12,50 on your account. You can immediately place your stop loss and profit target. If you click advanced, you can also choose a trailing stop. A lot of people think that Plus is a scam, because it sounds too good to be true.

The fact that they don't ask commissions is one reason of concern for some people. However, we know for a fact that the spread the difference between bid and ask and the funding premium should be enough to cover all their costs. Plus is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as you can read here.

They are also listed themselves on the London Stock Exchange, which underscores that it's a reliable company. A real disadvantage is that you can't call them. They do offer live support though.

And questions by email also get an answer pretty fast. Our experience is that you usually get an answer within a few hours. A popular concern is withdrawing money from your account. Some people expect problems with that. We have withdrawn money to our Skrill account a service like Paypal and the money arrived there after two days.

So we had absolutely no problems with that. As a CySEC regulated company they even have to process all withdrawal requests on the same business day! The above mentioned disadvantages haven't kept us from using their platform though.

Overall, we are very satisfied with this broker. In our opinion, it's one of the best brokers to get to know forex and CFD trading. Visit the Plus website and try the free demo or open an account.

The platform is also supporting 24 different languages, so chances are high that Plus is available in your native language. CFDs, forex and binary options are leveraged products and trading with leverage can result in losing more than your deposit.

Trading CFDs, binary options or forex may not be suitable for you, so make sure you understand all the risks. Our website is free for our visitors, but in order to provide this free service we may be compensated, receive commissions or advertising fees from brokers listed on our website.

For personalized information, you should contact your investment advisor. Plus is a worldwide CFD broker, providing trading services with forex instruments, shares, electronically tradable funds, crypto-currencies, commodities and indices.

Simply said, it is a trading platform in which with only one click you can buy more than two thousand financial instruments from all over the world at current market prices. Together with a financial leverage of up to 1: I started trading in Plus in when the market of on-line brokers was only developing and I did not belong to the most experienced traders. I was immediately enchanted by its clearly organised application and user friendliness.

I like that immediately after logging-in I can see a list of instruments I can buy or sell with only one click. I choose the amount and immediately see how much I will pay for opening the position. I confirm it with one click and trade. Regarding the fact that one can trade with more than two thousand instruments in Plus, operation of the trading terminal Plus is exemplary. I also appreciate it that there is not a big difference in versions of trading environments for a computer, telephone or web browser.

Today I take for granted that in Plus one can trade with financial leverage, however, when I started, I did not know the concept of financial leverage.

Advantage of a financial leverage is, that it is possible to buy and sell instruments for many times more money than how much is deposited. Thanks to a financial leverage from Plus I can make many times more money on my successful trading and the best thing is that there is no fee for using the financial leverage.

Price graphs in Plus are very well readable and their operation is easy. Why I also like Plus very much are the possibilities how I can watch my open positions from a financial view. I mean either automatic closure of the position when the defined loss is achieved, or automatic collection of profits and closing of the position, if the market goes in my direction. Plus also offers an intelligent tool for protection of open positions, so-called Trailing stop, thanks to which profitable positions are automatically protected against loss if the trend turns.

Another pleasant thing in Plus is very fast and cheap trading. It is no secret that Plus does not charge any fees for its services, it is only compensated from the difference between purchasing and selling price of the instrument. Professionals call this difference spread and it is measured in pips.

Plus offers one of the lowest spreads in the market. And believe me that for long-term trading the height of spread is just the main difference, if the money appears on your account or on the account of your broker. This is also the first step if you want to test the platform before your deposit of the real money. Register to Plus now. It takes only 30 seconds. While you are reading the rest of the review, you can open your first position, e.

In the discussion at the end of the review you can share with us your results, i. Straightforward design of trading environment focused on speed and simplicity is typical for Plus As can be seen from the slides even a trader-beginner can find out how to buy or sell instruments, where to control open positions and where to check the balance of the account. A big advantage is also a good quality and fast application for smart phones, so one can be at the market almost anywhere and anytime.

Speed is generally a strength of Plus Opening of a trading account is fast. Money depositing is fast. Display of current market prices of instruments is fast. Execution of placed orders is fast. Plus is proud sponsor of Atletico de Madrid — champion of La Liga. Regulation of and supervision over Plus is another reason, why to send your money just to Plus Plus is mothers company seated in Israel.

Plus also have another branches like Plus CY Ltd. When speaking about the strengths of Plus it is necessary to mention also one of the lowest spreads, ones of the highest welcome bonuses and a gorgeous financial leverage.

These aspects make Plus a really exceptional broker who has trust of more than 1,, clients. Plus is not the best choice for expert traders who are able to program their own trading robots. It is a pity. Therefore, if you are looking for a broker at whom you will use your automated trading system, you are unlikely to succeed with Plus I would consider another weakness the fact that there is no possibility to connect more computers to control more markets at the same time as it is possible with some competing brokers.

On the other hand only professional traders trading 8 hours a day in expensive software such as Reuters Xtra or Bloomberg will miss this possibility. One trading point corresponds to approx. In this part of the review I publish selected e-mails and comments from the discussion of PlusReview.

Strength is in simplicity and this is absolutely true with Plus This simple and clear trading platform is popular worldwide as it brings its clients exactly what they expect from it. Although I would like to give Plus the highest evaluation, as I am convinced that perfect things do not exist, I cannot. There is always something to improve and several things could surely be found even with Plus Therefore I give 9 stars out of 10 and I would add the 10th star only provided that Plus itself was able to earn money: Do you want to trade with one of the biggest global broker?

A very good review. I keep my fingers crossed and I am on your side. I am pleased to see positive words about Plus, as there are a lot of half-truths and myths about Plus on the Internet, which discourage traders from this excellent platform.

I have been trading in Plus already for 2 years and in the last half of the year I have been finally starting to live on trading, more or less. I still have a lot to learn but I know for sure that Meta trader brokers with spread of 3 and fees for administration of the account are not for me. Here I am more than happy and believe that everybody who tries Plus simplicity once, will not want anything else. But then I realized that there is no trading at American Stock Exchange over the weekend and therefore my positions stayed open a bit against my plan.

However, when I registered today, I saw a pleasant surprise: Just so, for waiting over the weekend. So I am thinking about learning it a bit and trying to invest.

But is it safe to invest money in Plus? Can I get first deposit bonus? And what about payment of the money? I hope to succeed further and to be able to withdraw my investment and then only trade with earnings, that would be superb. Can anybody advise me how income form Plus is taxed? In , about the middle of the year, I invested something more than 2 thousand and I got to about 15 thousand till the end of the year. And which is the correct tax rate, please?

Must I declare to tax those 4 thousand or not?