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The movie itself opens with a musical graphics sequence that is over three minutes long. This is probably the most car-movie … [Read more Eleanor is just as much a star of the movie as Cage was, and it was considered the object of desire that drove the whole film. Though a number of Mustangs actually portrayed Eleanor throughout filming, the one that sold today was actually the "hero car," used in close-ups, promotional materials, and posters. It was so popular that it rejuvenated the whole resto-modding scene, spawning a number of clones such as the one pictured above.

The modifications to Eleanor are extensive, which as fitting as it was being sold by the original shop that produced it. The builders were able to mock up Eleanor's body pieces on a Mustang using clay and wood. Molds were then made to produce a new fiberglass front end filled with high-powered PIAA driving lights, new fender flares, side skirts and scoops, hood and trunk lid. HistoryYoel Wazana, president of Fusion, was inspired to start building these cars because he was a proud owner of an early Eleanor tribute car.

He saw where improvements could be made, but his disappointment with the car ultimately lead to him selling it. If the name sounds familiar, she … [Read more According to Fusion each Eleanor is built to order and takes six months to complete.

It begins with a donor or Mustang Fastback, which gets stripped and has its body bolted to a new frame. The handcrafted replicas get lots of reinforcements, carbon-fiber spoilers and splitters, and optional carbon-fiber hoods and trunk lids.

Five different Roush V-8 engines are offered that range up to a hp supercharged cubic-inch V The engines … [Read more Because Hollywood came up with an excuse to make a film about 50 of the hottest cars around. Eleven GTs were built for the film, but all were actually fastbacks and most were automatics, too. Ribisi, brother of retired superthief Cage, fouls up in an especially stupid way for British nasty Eccleston. To persuade the mob boss not to kill his brother, Cage gets back into the criminal life and assembles a team Duvall, Jones, Jolie, et al to steal 50 luxury cars in one night.

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