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Yoast is a household name for anyone in the professional and enterprise WordPress community. As one of the most popular plugins perennially in the WordPress. With their easy-to-use guidance, you can easily write and maintain optimized pages for the keywords you want to rank for. Yoast guides you with focused recommendations for both SEO and human readability, and provides easy-to-update interfaces to test and refine over time. These analyses and recommendations are evaluated and adjusted on a frequent basis, to match the latest developments in SEO.

The Premium version, recommended for enterprise WordPress teams, offers a ton of helpful features including the following: It only made sense to formalize our connection. As a part of our vision to make it easy to take advantage of the very best that enterprise WordPress has to offer, we seek to identify the tools and technologies clients rely on most, and forge a deeper tie with them and their development teams.

We have a slew of March updates and tools to share on that front in this roundup, along with news from across the community, and a run-down of Spring and early Summer events including our own VIP Workshop! Gutenberg News and Notes The latest tools, demos, and updates around the block-based editor coming to WordPress 5. Media and Marketing Notes Research and perspectives on the business of media and the practice of marketing.

This can be exacerbated when there are simply too many new experiments for any one team to take ownership of. It was a complete rebuild from the ground up, including design, user experience, and architecture.

VIP clients can get all the details on how to access these videos on the related Lobby post. This will give teams the ability to binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy more granularly ahead of time and phase the new editor in as needed based on team needs.

It will also allow them to easily set a state that will persist after 5. We are working on a public version of this plugin as well and will aim to release it shortly after we have it squared away for use on our own systems. Binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy on this soon! This marks the seventh year for a very special event that gets the whole extended VIP family together, including clients, partners, and community.

Topics run the gamut from big picture thoughts on organizational change, fostering diversity, and the future of digital, to the latest advanced topics with the Gutenberg project, to retrospectives, case studies, and best practices.

And kicking us off will be WordPress. The schedule is split in to business and developer tracks, and includes ample opportunities for informal networking and conversations among the whole group. Session formats include joint-track full conference discussions, individual track case studies and featured topics, and flash talks.

We keep the attendance deliberately small to make sure there are lots of opportunities for chance conversations and informal breakout discussions. Get your tickets soon! This post series profiles each of our featured partner agencies.

Human Made was founded in by Tom Willmot and Joe Hoyle, who had previously worked as freelancer web developers building WordPress projects for small clients. Eventually, Tom was hired by a large US based organization who had purchased a number of sites and wanted to build niche WordPress powered social networks. Joe soon joined him and here they gained experience working with clients and building sites that eventually grew in scale.

When they left the company with an impressive portfolio, they continued freelancing but with increasing workloads and more clients, they soon realized they could combine their skills and take on different aspects of the business.

Our first few hires were local, and the opportunity to hire remotely arrived with Daniel Bachhuber and Paul de Wouters. Daniel had previous remote experience and bought many of these processes to the company, some of which are still being practiced binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy.

Within a few months of the remote hires, the company pivoted to being entirely distributed. Although some people still did and still do! Our culture is guided by our commitment binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy being open and inclusive, with each other, our clients, and the wider community. Keeping that growth sustainable, demonstrating binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy for each other, and adopting openness in our collaboration and communication, are fundamental to who we are.

Back when we started, we built the digitaltrends. It required a huge collaborative effort between several agencies, and ushered in a new and more effective culture of digital creation for the Marketing and Communications team at Capgemini. The Enterprise Growth Council, and its focus on WordPress agencies working together in the commercial space to a common end goal, is a really exciting opportunity for all of us.

We usually have several people leading teams during Contributor Day, speaking, organising, and participating in events such as the Community Summit. Kudos for podium performances from VIP clients Olympic. Whatever story pitches we got pretty much went up on site. When I joined the team, they were looking for somebody who could figure out what the editorial strategy should be, and migrate the site on to a non-self-hosted solution. The original site was custom and proprietary, and very, very binary.

There were only a couple of formats that we had to choose binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy. All of the assets were required and very finite.

There was no tagging. There was no way to search on site. It was a rudimentary sort binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy blog…hole. I spent the first couple of months, November and December ofjust doing a complete audit of the site. Then, in January ofI made a proposal to migrate on to a customized WordPress theme, so that we could get away from the engineering constraints, and actually start testing against our point of view in real time. On the last day of Marchthe binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy day of Q1, which was a feather binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy my cap, we went live with that iteration of the site.

We received a Webby nomination, and it was met with a lot of love from customers and industry folks. People were into it! They were really excited about the content that we were producing. We started talking about grooming education. We started talking about brand happenings. Iterations of our products. We introduced people to our factories. We started putting faces to the names behind our products. We have very consistent readership, with numbers firmly above industry averages.

More than half of everybody who receives our emails are opening them, engaging with them, and sharing them on a regular basis. Highlighting ingredients — the differences between shave cream and shave gel and why you should care. How to match the grain patterns on your face to optimize your shave. Then in January ofwe starting thinking as a brand and marketing team more seriously about our point of view as a company.

And have been working over the past year to bring that brand mission and positioning to life in the real world. We started thinking about what we truly believed, and realized that our focus was really more about this idea of progressive masculinity.

Because men can be both strong and nurturing, self-assured and accepting of others. The big overarching picture is that to be a good man is to be a good human. So we wanted to do our part in opening up that conversation and try to modernize ideas around masculinity, to better reflect who our customer really is. But, moreover, we want to help guys define what it is to be a man on their own terms. With all these fights for gender, marriage, class, equality, all over, men are facing new dynamics that are having them question these traditional ideals of what it means to be a real man.

We think that the tension between the past and the future are really important to highlight and have real, candid conversation around.

I think what drives us most is to lead in culture and raise awareness by bringing positive attention to these progressive shifts, rather than just focusing on the negative. We have a new brand campaign that came out on the 26th. Brands have found, and will continue to find success in myriad ways. And there are so many other things that are important to feel good as a human. So we were thinking, yet again, of overhauling our content space. Part of the challenge we wanted to solve for was to be able to see the whole degree user funnel.

We wanted to improve our approach to data as far as who is using the site. Are they more valuable because they are reading our content? In March of last year I put together a proposal for this migration. We started development in September, and we launched live in January of this year.

The whole site is fully custom. We have a really binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy dynamic scroll on the homepage as well as all of our article pages that have a gradient treatment, which is not something we see super often. Also, the entire site is set up super scalable to our business needs. For example, we built in hexadecimal code fields for every category on the site. So, if we had a big campaign or partnership we were rolling out that we wanted to do a whole new treatment for, we have that immediate flexibility without actually getting in to the code.

Over the binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy year, two years, and beyond, my focus is going to be figuring out what that attribution model looks like, understanding the real brass tacks — things like profitability of content on long term customer value.

I think the binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy important thing is to keep yourself in check. Do I believe in it? Do I care personally? We at VIP, as well as Automattic as a whole, joined the AMP project early on in and took binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy the challenging task of creating the first platform integrationa foundation to serve the needs of individual WordPress users and enterprise users alike.

We want to make it easy for our users to deliver the best experience on the mobile web, and that means, fast. There has been a ton of work going on across the project since its launch, on the core services and on the integration. Historically, the AMP Plugin has used a pair mode. That means that the plugin used binary and hexadecimal number conversionrheingold heavy simple-theme approach, which generated a separate AMP version of your webpage.

Since the beginning we have had our sight set on enabling an organic AMP experience in WordPress; that is, an experience where there is no need for a pair mode unless applied by choice because there are no gaps, either functional or visually, between the AMP and non-AMP versions of content published in WordPress.

Without such a gap, WordPress publishers are able to publish a single version of their content which is beautiful, feature-rich, all-around WordPress, and runs at the speed of AMP!