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What should you look for in an entry level job? The company is hiring you to be their employee, at a time in your life when you are full of promise and willing to work hard to prove yourself. But — in a way, you are also hiring them to be your boss. So think about what you want from the relationship, as well as what they say they want from you.

Yes, because we must read job postings carefully. It could mean that the company recruits potential management from the shop floor. You will probably sense which scenario is more likely from your job interviews.

But for now, let us assume that the offer looks promising. Then you must ask what you want from best trade school jobs reddit job: Here are some questions to wrestle with:. With a certificate, you could operate a fork lift.

Of course, you should fireproof your job by locating in a region best trade school jobs reddit industry for which the prospect is boom, not doom. And if you are happy with the money, you have solved a problem! But if you want to rise quickly in the company, make your mark on society, or get great rewards from your work, fork lift is not the job for you.

Instead, intern with a politician or non-profit, or co-op with a company, as part of a higher education program. These opportunities pay much less but they provide the contacts and open the doors to the future you seek. Most people find themselves somewhere between these two positions: They have modest ambitions but prefer meaningful work, with promotion opportunities.

Now, a critical question arises: Does your prospective employer offer co-pay, time off without penalty, or other advantages if you to pursue further education related to your work? Acquiring a certificate or degree is not only a career asset; it creates a subtle pressure for your employer to promote you, and it makes you more attractive to a competitor if your employer cannot do so.

If most senior managers in the industry are retirement age and middle management is thinly scattered due to earlier layoffs, a promising mid-twenties employee can enjoy rapid career advancement. On the other hand, if top management is mostly fortyish and there are many promising mid-twenties employees, advancement could be slow.

Advancement in a for-profit enterprise usually depends on whether a higher position is vacant, not on merit alone. In this best trade school jobs reddit, you are employed by a company which has a presence in the social media world — this includes social websites and services, as well as television, radio, newspapers, etc.

If you have built 10 Web sites for fun, which half a million people have visited, and have 50, Facebook friends, this field could be for you. Your prospective employer wants 50, Facebook friends best trade school jobs reddit, and will pay you to make it happen. Greed, best trade school jobs reddit, is stupid. It destroys viable industries. Wiser heads say, leave something on the table for the next round.

One promising entry level career is investment banker. Based on your research, you decide which business ideas your bank should finance. Most of the further rewards are for achievement, so that amount just defrays the cost of being in the business. Both nuclear and other power plant careers are largely learned on the job, and your job chances are good, as many older workers retire.

Additional courses help your case for advancement. Power operators are subject to random drug and alcohol tests. You would probably work with a firm of lawyers, handling routine matters.

Best trade school jobs reddit relevant certificate can be earned online or at adult night school. This is a good choice if you want to combine your entry level career with young family responsibilities.

As the population bulge ages, funerals are becoming more common and the trend is to individualized mourning. Certificates and degrees in mortuary science are available from a number of schools, including online opportunities. Jokes about death are easy, but comforting mourners may not be, so the director needs considerable psychological awareness and skill.

As a counselor, you will likely be working with a government agency, which offers many benefits. Does it seem like everyone these days is on a special diet? Disease best trade school jobs reddit through lifestyle management, including healthy eating, is a major trend, and best trade school jobs reddit tailored to the individual. A degree food science takes less time to earn that many science degrees.

Nursing is an excellent career choice because you can practice with a variety of educational qualifications. The field is certain to grow because older people, a growing proportion of our population, need them at all levels of qualification. Especially investigate employer co-pay best trade school jobs reddit further training. Conservation scientist is a good choice for job security and benefits because you will probably be working for a government or a large firm.

Need to get started earning right away? For advancement, get your best trade school jobs reddit degree via continuing education and check out co-pay offers. About half of psychologists work in school systems or hospitals—recession-resistant enterprises. You design and create spaces people can work or live in, using wood, stone, plants, and other natural materials, and ensure that all projects comply with regulations.

You need a degree in Landscape Architecture to support high hourly rates, but you could start with a certificate in Landscaping. This field should grow because today increasing numbers of people choose to invest in their property or vacation at home.

Because the field is relatively new and growing rapidly, aptitude may be more highly valued than qualifications. That could be your key asset: It could be a great start to a future career in a variety of fields such as law enforcement, fire investigationclaims investigationor computer security. You help protect the honest policyholders of an insurance company by detecting fraud. Consider an online degree in insurance and risk management to start.

This is another job where, basically, results matter more than credentials, but you need background understanding of the industry as well. How much you make usually depends on the size of your employer.

PR might be a good way of putting an Arts degree to work, with some additional training. This career can be exhausting in spurts, but is a great entry to many fields in arts, entertainment, and politics, as well as business. The best ideas in the world. Here are some questions to wrestle with: Food scientist Does it seem like everyone these days is on a special diet?

Nursing Nursing is an excellent career choice because you best trade school jobs reddit practice with a variety of educational qualifications. Early Childhood Education California.