Avatrade crypto platform

The cryptocurrency market has come to public attention after the media showcased the huge growth in Bitcoin over the last few months. Since the start of the new year January first Bitcoin has seen its price quadruple. This has seen the evolution of a number of other alternate cryptocurrencies including ethereum, dash and litecoin.

Before we get into any more detail please do note that the cryptocurrency market can be extremely volatile.

Only invest money you are prepared to lose, and understand this article is not investment advice. Having said all of that let us look at the best exchanges to invest your money, depending on what you are looking for. Although the above table can be useful, it is important to understand that each investor will have different priorities and requirements.

There might be features in an exchange that will provide differing levels value for an individual. Let us take a deeper look at what each of the exchange facilitators provide. Here is how they stack up against each other. Each of the providers have a differing fee structure. Your best option would depend on your trading style, and organisational skills. The only catch is their exorbitant inactivity fees of 50 EUR a month after 90 consecutive days of non activity. This is easily avoidable though if you are organised and close your account if you no longer wish to use their service.

This is much the same with eToro and Kraken. Coinbase and Etoro have by far the best user interface. It is clean, logical and well thought out. Being unfamiliar with the platform is not an issue as everything is where you might reasonably expect it. AVA Trade has an interesting interface as you will either love it or hate it. All of these companies have an IOS and Android application, except for Kraken who do not yet have an official android application. Trade more than just cryptocurrencies on the same platform.

When you choose AvaTrade, you can rest assured you are trading with a 1st class company. This can be attested by numerous AvaTrade reviews online. Trading with AvaTrade is easy.

Simply open an account and deposit some money. You can deposit money using a variety of methods ranging from; wire transfers and credit cards to PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill among other methods.

It takes minutes to open an account with AvaTrade and deposit money. If you understand how leverage works, this step is very simple. AvaTrade is currently offering a This simply means you can take positions which are 10 times more than your total deposit.

This is among the main advantages of buying Bitcoin with AvaTrade. It is also worth noting that you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin. When trading Bitcoin, simply select if you want to buy or sell. Your own analysis should inform this selection. It takes a few clicks to execute trades. When buying Bitcoin, you should have a reasonable expectation that the price will rise in the future, and vice versa i.

This is popularly known as short selling, a popular strategy when you want to profit from a falling market. AvaTrade gives you a unique opportunity to profit both ways i. As mentioned above, AvaTrade allows you to buy other Cryptocurrencies as well apart from Bitcoin. The procedure for trading Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum is the same. If you care to know why you should choose AvaTrade over cryptocurrency exchanges when you want to buy the most popular cryptos out there, here are the main reasons according to AvaTrade reviews ;.

AvaTrade is already established and reputable globally with regional offices around the world. The company has also met all global licensing requirements for world-class companies offering trading services. The company has also earned multiple industry awards. AvaTrade has also invested heavily over the past decade to ensure retail traders invest with confidence supported by the best customer care and uncompromising integrity. The broker also charges some of the lowest commissions and fees.

All these benefits are attestable in AvaTrade reviews only. The company may not operate in all jurisdictions in the world, however, it has one of the greatest coverage and a most solid reputation globally. Highly recommended for forex, CFD and cryptocurrency trading. Open a Live trading account today with AvaTrade and buy Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies instantly.